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Which graphics driver is linked when building Qt?

  • Hi,

    I'm building Qt 5.0.1 with MinGW 64 with "-opengl desktop". I can choose which graphics processor should be used on my laptop (Intel driver for onboard graphics (OpenGL 3.3) and NVIDIA driver for dedicated card (OpenGL 4.3)).

    Does it matter which processor I choose while building Qt? Will it affect against which driver the build is linked?

    I'm so far inexeperienced in building Qt.

    Kind regards and thanks for reading so far

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    -I'm guessing that the one that you've currently selected will be seen by Qt (and all other programs on your computer)-

    Edit: Silly me... that's probably the wrong answer, since running a program with a graphics driver is unrelated to compiling programs using a graphics driver's headers. I don't know the correct answer, sorry.

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    You link with headers only, and those are the same for all vendors (they are OpenGL headers). So it does not matter which driver "wins" during compilation (compiler is not interested in the binary driver at all).

    The actual driver DLL is loaded at runtime.

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