[Question]Nokia SDK 1.1 ETA?

  • Does anyone here has a clue when the Nokia SDK v1.1 will be released?
    Just asking by curiosity :)

  • It's tough question:) Maybe when Qt 4.7.2 will be released.

  • [quote author="Alexander Kuchumov" date="1293631403"]It's tough question:) Maybe when Qt 4.7.2 will be released.[/quote]

    Does anyone here has a clue when Qt 4.7.2 will be released? :D lol

  • It will be released next year. Hope you got your answer :)

    If there was any date available then it would have been announced.

  • ... I know it's done when it's done... :)

    But was hoping for a late x-mas present...[quote]... We therefore decided to retire the Qt SDK and use the time we would have spent on producing and testing it to put a little extra effort into polishing the next version of the Nokia Qt SDK, which we expect to release before Christmas. Effectively, the Qt SDK will be merged into version 1.1 of the Nokia Qt SDK ...[/quote]"source":http://labs.qt.nokia.com/2010/11/09/qt-4-7-1-released/

  • Yeah, but hopefully it will be a new year present, to start the new year programming with it :)

  • I think it will be anouncerd when it's there, that's how they did it the last years, so, I don't think, we will get a schedule for it :-)

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