How to make QWidgets overlapping?

  • Hi all. Sorry about my weak english, (please check my grammatical errors).
    The subject is:
    There is a parent QWidget which contains two child widgets called A and B.
    How I can make widget A to overlap B (partially, not completely)?

  • Just set the children widgets geometries explicitely :)

  • thanks, but it is not suitable. Child widgets A and B may be QDockWidget or QMdiSubWindow instanses.

  • I'm not sure why then you want such a thing -- anyway, QDockWidget geometries are managed by the QMainWindow inner layouting system. QMdiSubWindows geometries should instead be manageable by you.

  • In fact i want to create a special menubar for my QMainWindow instance.
    Menubar should be shown when mouse moving on his header and should be hidden when mouse cursor leaves it. I cannot use hide() method of the internal QMenuBar widget, because other widgets automatically are moved above. I want other widgets to be at the same place.

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