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Providing access to LGPL terms on a embedded/distributed system

  • Hi all,

    just a quick license issue: As far as i understand the Qt LGPL terms, you have to provide (among many other things):

    • a quick note about Qt LGPL, as in: "This program uses the Qt Library, licensed under LGPL ... something like that"
    • provide the actual text of the LGPL (right?)

    We are currently working on a product which uses QML UIs displayed on embedded touch devices. Those devices are controlled via ethernet by another application, the latter is not using Qt at all. For several reasons, we would like to avoid displaying the Qt/LPGP notice directly on the touch devices, but instead make it available via the controlling software. Is this sufficient with regards to the licensing terms?
    Or in other words, since the touch devices are sold together with the control software (and many other things), is it sufficient to hint at the Qt/LGPL terms at any appropriate "point" inside the product as a whole?


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    I think that's ok. See how Google places license info in their Android products - it's usually a small option in Settings called "3rd party libraries". You don't need to boast about the license, but that info needs to be visible somewhere in your application.

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