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Calendar widget?

  • I am looking for a calendar widget. That is, a widget like you get in an calendar application like Outlook, KOriganizer and the likes, not just for picking dates like you can with Qt's widget. I googled a bit, but so far I can't find a useful widget. Does anyone know of one? It does not need to be open source. I figure people have probably already written a component like this, and I figure it would be silly to invest the time to write yet another one.

    P.S. Does anyone know of places where 3rd party Qt components can be found? I know of Qt-apps.org and the showcase forum here on devnet, but those don't have all that many components, nor are they very well organized it seems. If not, I may even try to start my own page for that...

  • "This one":http://code.google.com/p/quickcalendarview/source/browse/#svn/trunk/ quickcalendarview/src was the winner of 2008 Pimp My Widgets Developer Contest and it is pretty :)

  • Thanks for the link. Do you know if there is English (or German, or Dutch) documentation available anywhere? A screenshot perhaps too?

  • [quote author="Andre" date="1293620026"]Thanks for the link. Do you know if there is English (or German, or Dutch) documentation available anywhere? A screenshot perhaps too?[/quote]

    I searched for them because I don't know Russian my self, but that was the only source! Nokia has taken the contest websites down and I don't know the reason, but I think you should try searching for it too using the QuickCalendarView keyword.

  • I tried that, but all I find are some chinese sites and the Google code hosting site. That's why I asked. Thanks anyway, I guess I'll just download the source and see for myself :-)

  • kick

    I am still looking for suggestions for:

    a good calendar widget that has documentation I can read (even checkout of quickcalendar via SVN failed)

    a good site with a nice overview of 3rd party Qt components

  • I really can't download the sources, other than copy/pasting their contents one by one from the online SVN browser. I have send an email tot the author mentioned in the copyright notice in a source file, hoping that will lead to easier access and perhaps non-russian docs. If not, I guess I'll try if our "Russian friends":http://developer.qt.nokia.com/groups/qt_russia can provide some help with those docs...

    Questions above are still current, in the meantime.

  • Hi Andre, I know the post is a bit old but, I also need a calendar widget, did you find anything?
    Should I just stop looking and start rolling my own? Are you building one? how much will you charge for it? open source maybe? hehe ;)


  • Yes, I did manage to get in contact with the author of QuickCalendarView, and he did send me the sources. I was quite impressed by the widget, but the assignment I needed it for fell through. He has made English documentation by now, making it much more usable for non-russian speakers.

  • Great! do you have the link or something? is there a website for it (the english version of course)? I'd like to check it out

  • Like I said: he send me the sources directly (by email). I have not seen a website (other than the Google code site). -I will send him a email, asking about the state of things, and if I am allowed to share the code further or not.-

    I have looked at the code again, and it simply states the licence: GPL3. That should make it possible to "share":http://dl.dropbox.com/u/16442531/QuickCalendar001.zip it without further problems. The official site is a Google code website: "QuickCalendarView":http://code.google.com/p/quickcalendarview/ but the information on that site is in Russian. The author stated that the code was a basically a proof on concept, and that he thought it needed more work to make it really ready for production use. His contact details are in the source code.

  • cool thanks for the share Andre!

    I'll start checking it out and maybe work a bit on it, if I make some changes I'll let the author and everyone know

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