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Qt Creator Simple Survey

  • Hello,
    Usually I work as web developer.But now, I need to create a simple questionnaire in Qt Creator.
    This is news to me, and at the moment I don't have a time to learn how to build app in qt.
    Can any body help me?
    I need Quiestionnaire consist of three fields.

    1. to input name
    2. drop-down list with 3/4 items
    3. 2/3 check boxes

    "save" button to save informations from questionnaire to txt file
    "exit" button.

    If anyone is interested post here.

    Greetings !

  • Hi,

    this is a wrong sub-forum, you should have used "General and Desktop" under "Qt Development".

    Provided you require assistance and not someone to create such form in your place, here's some brief description.

    What you want is a "widget": approach to building GUI.
    Create a Qt project in your Qt Creator and a user interface file (.ui), which you will later fill in the graphical drag & drop view. You need Labels, Text Fields and Combo Boxes (their class names are very similar but I'm simplifying the description).
    The only coding you will have to do is to prepare a file saving function.

    Some examples that you might benefit from can be found here (most notably, "Line Edits": and "Group Box":

    This is not going to take more than an hour, trust me.

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