QWebView clear all cookies

  • Sorry for my many topics

    I have a code
    But this code disable all cookies

    If i try that
    @QList<QNetworkCookie> list;

    I get error C2248: QNetworkCookieJar::setAllCookies: ­Ґў®§¬®¦­® ®Ўа вЁвмбп Є protected з«Ґ­, ®Ўкпў«Ґ­­®¬г ў Є« бᥠ"QNetworkCookieJar"

    How I can clear all cookies correctly?

  • I solved this question used
    @view.page()->networkAccessManager()->setCookieJar(new QNetworkCookieJar());@

  • Also look at method @QWebSettings::clearMemoryCaches()@

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