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OpenSSL Websites are not working in the Demo QT Browser

  • Hi All,

    We are using AM3354 ARM Cortex-A8 Microprocessor. Now we are testing the prebuilt images and Root File System in the EVM. In the "browser" QT application of Matrix GUI, we tried to load the OpenSSL websites(https:), but that is not loading.

    We suspect that, we built this QT application in the QT SDK which is not having openSSL Support. If that is the reason how to build and Cross compile the QT SDK with OpenSSL support since the application is for ARM board

    Or else what is the Reason for this and how to fix this.

    Please help us resolve this. Thanks in advance ..


    1. check if you really don't have SSL support in code.
    2. compile SSL libs for your platform and put it in Qt lib folder and headers in include folder
    3. configure Qt with -openssl or -openssl-linked flag
    4. compile Qt

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