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Supported video formats on windows ?

  • I am using qMediaplayer to read videos with QT 5.0.2 using visual studio 2010/2012 on windows 7 64 bits.

    I have much trouble reading some videos. It works fine for .wmv or .mp4 files, but I get an error when trying yo play .avi: error 1, "Media session serious error". The codecs for the video are presents on my computer I guess since I have no problem reading it with any other video player. I have no clue what I should look into to fix this, I have never worked with video before, can someone help me ?

    I have tested the examples shipped with qt and they lead to the same result, I get an error when I try to play the .avi file but it plays other formats well.

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    i'm not an expert on this, but i know that it should use "Windows Media Foundation" on Windows.
    Does the video play with your Windows Media Player?

  • Yeah absolutely, it is correctly read with Windows Media Player and vlc.

  • Maybe an idea how I should investigate this issue ?

  • I would like to know if you fixed the problem with .avi playback. I have the same problem with the example found at :
    on windows 7, .avi are not playing same error

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    maybe "this thread": helps a bit?

  • Thanks for your help raven

    It seems there are other options that are already made :
    I can run the player.exe but having some issue with sound and video slowdown at the moment.

    [edit]: Just tried, really easy to set up, got it to work in 10min, best option so far!

    Works for some format (.mp4), but can't get to work .avi, .mkv even when they work in windows media and I have the codecs installed for them on my computer? Would be an easy/lightweight option If it could pick up the codecs or find a way to package the codecs with it

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    Visual Studio flavor of Qt uses Media Foundation (as raven-worx said) and these are the suported formats.

    As for the .avi it is supported but .avi is really just a container that can hold an unsupported audio or video codec. That's why some .avi files might play and some others won't. Check what is the video/audio codec on your files and see if they're supported.

    There is also second media backend for Windows that uses DirectShow, and so anything that you have system codecs installed for. This backend is used in the MinGW flavor of Qt and on WindowsXP (because it doesn't have Media Foundation), so if that's an option for you you might try that.

    From what digia guys said on the mailing list there's a plan to implement a dynamic backend selection to best match the backend to the file at hand. This task is tracked as QTBUG-32783 so you might want to watch it. It's targeted for Qt 5.2 but I don't know if recent beta already has it or not.

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