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Passing item from GridView (using a ListView and delegate) to a Popover as it's host

  • I am using an ActionSelectionPopover, which is an Ubuntu component, it has a property called "caller", which you set the item that calls it (a button, or other item that you click on for the popover to be activated), and it uses this "caller" to position the popover, however my item is from a GridView, and the onClicked is happening in the delegate, I tried setting the delegate as the caller, and of course it didn't work (I knew it wouldn't, but figured it was worth a shot). Does anyone have any clues as to how I can handle this? Is there an "Item" that is generated from a ListModel with a Delegate that I can somehow use as the caller? And is this type of popover familiar too anyone? I'm not sure if the Ubuntu component is getting it from an already existing component, I couldn't find anything in a Google search, but maybe there's a way to pass the coordinates directly???

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