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Cross compile QML project for Raspberry pi

  • I have a raspberry pi for which I want to create a QML application. For developing, I want to be able to debug the same application for my local desktop.
    I used the bakeqtpi script to get the cross compile tools and libraries. I created a raspberry kit using the compiled qmake, the downloaded rpi c ompiler and using an ssh connection to the rpi.
    Also I builded Qt5 for my desktop.

    Now I created a new Qt Quick 2 UI project, it runs just fine on when compiling for my desktop, but when trying to add the raspberry pi kit I get a message the the device type is not desktop.

    Is it not posible to build QML project for non desktop devices? If it is posible, how can I force qtcreator to allow me to compile for the raspberry?

  • Is by any chance, the device type of your created kit still set to desktop?

    See "kits":

  • Thanks for your reply.

    It is set to Generic Linux Device. The device it self than is my raspberry pi, configured to connect using ssh. I guess thats correct?

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