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No compiler installed [SOLVED]

  • Hi,
    I've installed Qt Creator (Windows desktop version, 64-bit, running on Windows 7), and it hasn't installed a compiler -- it isn't auto-detecting one, and I can't find one in the Qt folder. I've tried downloading the latest from MinGW, but that seems to only include a 32-bit compiler for windows. ^_^


  • Hi LeonShernoff2.
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    Qt Creator is just a IDE and you need install compiller for do something.
    For 64 bit MinGW look at "":
    You can instal MSVS compillers too.
    But if you want use MinGW, i recomend you download Qt SDK with included compiller. There are only 32 bit versions but it works ok on 64 bit systems too.

  • Thanks, qxoz

    So to get your recommendation, I should download the
    Qt 5.0.2 for Windows 32-bit (MinGW 4.7, 650 MB)
    package at

    Or is there a separate page for SDK? When I look for downloads on this site, I only find the page. The versions available are not labelled as SDK vs just QT Creator. Ah, there's a note below saying that the one I listed "a 32 bit MinGW-build".

    So I assume I first need to uninstall the 64-bit version that I got? Hope that works... :-)

  • Okay. I did that and now it works fine.

  • You're welcome.
    Can you also add [SOLOVED] to title of this thread?

  • Thanks for taking the time to post this as I've spent the past 3 days trying to get this Qt install working on Win7 64bit as well. Doing this solved my problem. Perhaps this should be relabeled with something more helpful such as "Win7 64 bit no compiler found error" and sticky'd to the top or in a FAQ. I tried the manual install of compilers as described in the help docs through compilers already installed through other IDE's I use to no avail. I was about ready to say screw it to trying Qt and didn't think this simple step would actually work.

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