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Displaying a QT Widget on / overlaying a 3rd Party Window (in Windows)

  • This is not something I have tried before and am a complete newbie to the likes of HWND, hooking etc.

    Basically, I would like to display / overlay a QT Widget on top of a window of a 3rd party application (which I have no control over, I only know very basic information like window title / caption and its class name) and I have absolutely no idea how one would go about this. I also want the QT Widget to remain in it relative location to the window of the 3rd party application even if that window is moved around the screen.

  • Here's something similar, but just a proof of concept:

  • Could you explain exactly what your code is for? The description is "click bot", I'm not sure how that relates to my question. And also roughly how it works.

  • I does record mouse clicks on other windows and plays them back. That's what I used the hooks for. During playback there's a semi transparent custom widget which is placed as overlay at the recorded mouse positions. It's just a POC, but here's how it works:

    1. click record
    2. click on any position on your desktop (e.g. other windows )
    3. then click on stop and play - now you should how the clicks are replayed
      that's it

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