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QtQuick not installed

  • I have cross compiled Qt5.0.2 on a Mips based platform. I am trying to run QtQuick related examples:

    Basic examples which are given below I was able to run:


    But when I try to run shadereffects, I get

    @module "Qt.labs.shaders" is not installed@

    But I have installed and copied in:


    Similarly when I try to run qmlscene with qtquick, it gives me following error:

    @module "QtQuick" is not installed@

    I tried to change the .qml file like this:

    @/* import QtQuick 2.0 */
    import "../../../qml/QtQuick.2/"

    But this resulted in one more error:

    @plugin cannot be loaded for module ".QT5.orig.qt502.install.qml.QtQuick": Module namespace 'QtQuick' does not match import URI '.QT5.orig.qt502.install.qml.QtQuick'@

    So I assume, there should be some "Environement variabels", where i can specify the paths.
    I tried using QML_IMPORT_PATH without any success.

    can any one suggest how set the proper path??

  • I was able run QtQuick by setting :


    instead of


  • hi
    i want to know that your problem is solved?

    if yes please tell me how?
    and if with QML2_IMPORT_PATH, please tell me what is its value?



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