Qt in windows NT

  • I have a problem running a program in windows Nt, in other windows (XP, and 2k) run OK, I try to compiller in QT 4.7 and 4.8 but this do not work.
    The operative system is Windows Nt4.0 Sp6.
    The error showing when I run the program is:
    The procedure entry point SetFilePointerEx Could not be located in the dynamic link library KERNEL32.dll

    Can any help me please?.


  • You can give a try to Qt4.5 or older with VC2005 or older(or MinGW 3.4 or older) if you want to support NT4.0

  • Thanks for your answer, but I do not know how I can install QT4.5, I try to install but do not worked.

  • Qt does not officially support any Windows platform older then Windows XP (aka NT 5.1). I have successfully used Qt 4.8.x on Windows 2000 (aka NT 5.0), but I never tried NT 4.x and it's quite possible that it doesn't work!

    Considering the fact that up-to-date compilers, like MSVC 10.0 (VS2010) or newer, cannot even target Windows 2000 without ugly "hacks", it is not much surprising that NT 4.0 makes a lot of problems! It's even possible that Qt itself now uses Win32 API functions that simply did not exist in Windows NT 4.0. In this case you cannot do much about that. Well, you could try to modify Qt code to use only Win32 API functions available on Windows NT 4.0, but this may be a lot of work. And it may not even be possible for some things...


    Why do you still want to target Windows NT 4.0 anyway?

    Even Windows 2000 is not supported with security fixes anymore for more than a year now, which makes using Windows 2000 a severe security risk! The situation with Windows NT 4.0 is even worse. In other words, nobody can use these systems safely nowadays. And Windows XP will become "practically unusable" very soon too (support ends 2014). Time to move on ;-)

    Unless getting your programs to work on "historic" operating systems is some kind of personal challenge (hobby) for you, just forget about these operating systems. They have 0% market share anyway. So it's not worth the effort.

    See: http://i.imgur.com/f7rn1rGl.png

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