Given a snippet code in QWebpage section, what to put in the main cpp file ?

  • I am reading QWebPage section in Qt docs.
    And I would like to test the snippet code done in this section.
    I wanted to try this code but i did not know how to make it completely works.

    • I know what to put in the header file : i've put the declaration of the class Thumbnailer.
      And i've add the needed classes :
      #include <QObject>

    #include <QtWebKitWidgets/QWebPage>

    #include <QWebFrame>

    #include <QPainter>

    • I've put the rest of the snippet code in a cpp file.

    • There is no problem at this step, but the problem* is what to put the main cpp file to make it visible ?*

    Here is the link of the QWebPage class reference where the snippet code is :

    Thanks in advance for any enligtenment or help about that :)

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    what do you want to achieve exactly?
    The Thumbnailer snippet code just renders a screenshot to an image.
    If you want to display this image set it on a QLabel and show the label.
    If you want to show the webpage in your application you have to use QWebView widget.

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