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Can't configure Qt 5.1 beta1 - options ignored

  • I'm on my Windows 7 partition now, trying to set up for Android, as Android phones are the market for something a coworker is thinking Qt might be good for.

    I'm following "this": and get stuck at the configure step ("Follow step 4 at..."). I was going to look at what values I can pass for -android-ndk-host, but -help and all other options are simply ignored by configure. So it decided to configure for the default Windows project, and I had to delete the directory and clone again. (I did this multiple times, and was annoyed that I couldn't clone my local qt5 repo to avoid using the network, because that would confuse init-repository.)

    I looked in the script and found that ./qtbase/configure is supposed to do the heavy lifting, and in fact it does have code to process command-line parameters, and ./configure does have code to forward any command-line parameters. I neither see a clue to what I'm doing wrong nor anything that could be hacked easily to make it work. Help, please!

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