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Get URLs of active Browser windows

  • Are there any library to get alls the active urls what are opened in a browser.

    I have a certain webpage where a screenshot should be uploaded, the url looks like this: http://tld?identifier=12345
    So I am trying to read that identifier. I do not want the user to input 12345 in the desktop application.
    The desktop application should be smart enough to extract that information from the browser.

    Any idea?


  • Hi, Just some thought, never tested this ;-)
    You need a WINApi or MacAPI to list all the given applications running on your system. Then read the API's of those browsers how to read out the given open urls. It's a lot of coding I think, so maybe there's a third party already doing this.
    Good luck.

  • Or when you want to create a "browser" your self. Take a look at this:
    "Qt Webkit doc":

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