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Logic to get music track tag info locally.

  • Logic to get music track info locally.
    i am looking for the logic that help me to get track meta data locally.
    if a folder is having multiple song and some of them are having partial info or totally empty meta data then i want to
    make such a logic that help me to get data from the track having meta data.
    i is required only for those folder media if they belongs to same album ,artist .

    i am extraction of tag from track by taglib.

    please avoid this logic if track are from different albums.

    i want to do it without the help of any web service e.g-last fm,musicbrainz,discozes(its time consuming) .i want to do it locally.

    i was able to fetch meta data from web services and easily use it.but to avoid the server hits and to improve the app performance i want to get more accurate info locally.

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    How is this related to Qt?

    This requirement seems non-sensical to me: How do you even know whether a random piece of music in one file is made by the same artist (or on the same album) as another one without meta-data?

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