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Trigger several overlaping sounds .

  • Hi,
    I am currently developping an applycation base on QML component. I am using:

    • QTQuick 1.1,
    • QTcreator 2.5.82
    • QT 4.8.4
    • QtMultimediaKit 1.1

    I have several component which can produce a sound. I am using for example this kind of definition:
    @ SoundEffect{
    id: lSoundPlayer1;

    But, I cannot, or hardly have more than one sound produce at a time. Though I have several instance of type SoundEffect.

    Looks like the QtMultimediaKit use one "audio ressource" for all instance, though I am not sure of what is an audio ressource.

    Is there other implementation of sound which are more versatil?
    Another thing, I MUST be in QT 4.8.4 and QTQuick 1.1.

    Thancks a lot

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