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Using qtquick as texture in 3D

  • I wrote a small demo as described in "Using qt widgets as texture in 3D": to render widgets into opengl textures for using them e.g. as a 3D ui. Now I wonder what would be the best way to achieve this with qt quick 2.0.
    In qt5 I didn't find a way to render a qml scene into a pixmap like this:
    QPainter painter( &pixmap );
    scene->render( &painter ); // render ui updates to texture

    I'm not sure how to, but maybe it would be possible to use:

    QQuickWindow::setRenderTarget(QOpenGLFramebufferObject * fbo)

    Does anyone have an advice or know a better solution?


  • I think


    in QT5.1 should do it.

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