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ID3 lib Implementierung

  • Hi
    I try to get the ID3 lib running with Qt...
    at the moment I have added the id3lib.lib with add library

    Now i have this message:

    pragma message("*** NOTICE *** (not a real error)")

    pragma message("* You should include a define in your project which reflect how you link the library")

    pragma message("* If you use id3lib.lib or libprj/id3lib.dsp (you link static) you should add")

    pragma message("* ID3LIB_LINKOPTION=1 to your preprocessor definitions of your project.")

    pragma message("* If you use id3lib.dll (you link dynamic) you should add ID3LIB_LINKOPTION=3")

    pragma message("* to your preprocessor definitions of your project.")

    pragma message("***")

    Where can I find my Preprocessor definitions?

    Maybe someone could post a step by step documentation of adding id3lib to Qt?
    I've googled 2 h and found nothing what solved my problems.

    P.s. Sorry for my bad English...

  • Which IDE are you using?

  • Qt creator
    I have linked to the .lib and copied the header to the right place. Also i have set the Preprocessor instruction to linkoption=1.
    Qt shows me the classes(ID3_tag) and their Methods (.Link / .Find ...)
    but now I have this Error:

    undefined reference to `ID3_Tag::ID3_Tag(char const*)'

    in every line i try to access ID3_Tag or the Methods of it

  • bq. undefined reference to `ID3_Tag::ID3_Tag(char const*)’

    Mean you are not linking to libid3.lib id3 lib also needs libz and there is also libid3tag i think...

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