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How long will I be able to build Qt Creator with Qt4

  • Hi,

    I'm using Qt Creator through NX Client. It is on remote linux machine compiled and installed.

    In order to get better performance, I need to start it with "-graphicssystem native" - this increases performance very much.

    Recently I found out Qt5 does not support this any more - Too bad.

    I just wanted to ask how long will I be able to compile Qt Creator with Qt4.8 - are there any dates or deadlines for setting minimum Qt version to 5?


  • Qt Creator 2.8 will support both Qt 4 and 5, that much is certain.

    There are a couple of nice things in Qt 5 that we want to use, on the other hand there still are major Linux distributions that do not ship Qt 5 out of the box. We will see how that situation will develop.

    My guess is that the version past 2.8 will most likely still work with Qt 4 and Qt 5. I hope the one after that can go Qt 5 all the way. But as I said: That is just my personal guess, there are no plans that are set in stone that I am aware of.

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