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Programming a simulation of a moving hand

  • Hi everybody,

    I've registered here since I'm having a few questions regarding an university project.

    The goal is to display a virtual hand on the screen which is movable via a motion tracking device.

    I have knowledge in C and have just started to dive into a couple of qt tutorials.

    However, I'm asking myself whether this is the right approach. I'd like to not render the hand directly in qt, but rather build a 3D Model (I do have experience with CAD programs, for example) and have it movable on display by analyzing the data from my motion tracking device (the device is a Polhemus FASTRAK),

    Do any of you have any tips on how to approach this project? I'd be very thankful.

    I hope I'm not hurting any posting guidelines or anything. Also, English is not my first language so please excuse a certain "sloppiness".



  • Hello,

    it seems that you might not need Qt at all. Why the choice?

  • Well, Qt was recommended to me by a colleague. I think that qt might be an easy way to realise my project. I just watched a video on qml ( and it seemed to me that this would be an appropriate approach.
    Also, as soon as I have the hand on the screen I want to incorporate some buttons for further functionality, maybe in an extra window.
    I am aware that you can use different languages/libraries/... for most problems, I just thought that Qt might be suitable.
    Thanks for the answer!

  • You could have a look at soQt.

    I'm currently using it at work to display CAD objects and 3D marker information from a tracking device.

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