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  • Hello !
    I'm running ubuntu 13.04 and i'm using qt5 . I want to make my application play a small .wav file at a certain event but for that i found out that i need to include the multimedia module but when i do that it says "Unknown module(s) in QT: multimedia" .


    Project created by QtCreator 2012-06-24T12:27:41


    QT += core gui widgets
    QT += multimedia

    TARGET = CptShutWin
    TEMPLATE = app
    win32:RC_FILE += myapp.rc

    SOURCES += main.cpp

    HEADERS += mainwindow.h

    FORMS +=

    Any ideas?

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    Your file timestamp says "2012-06-24", which is 6 months before Qt 5 was released. Is it an old Qt 4 project that was ported? Delete your configuration and re-configure it using Qt 5. (Close Qt Creator, delete CptShutWin.pro.user, and then re-open the project in Qt Creator)

    Also, which version of Qt 5 did you download?

  • The one available at Ubuntu Software Center :)

    Also, it's not working with simple reconfigure :(

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    Search the Software Centre for "Qt 5 Multimedia module" -- is it installed?

  • It wasn't ... I'm installing it right now . shouldn't it have been included since it "essential" ?

    EDIT : still nothing

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    [quote author="TwoOfDiamonds" date="1369574777"]shouldn't it have been included since it "essential" ?[/quote]It's not fully in the Qt Project's control... Linux distro maintainers will take a library (such as Qt) and package it in a way that suits their distro. This means the library could be packaged very differently in Ubuntu compared with Fedora.

    A few years ago, Ubuntu decided to merge Qt Multimedia into Qt Mobility, which caused headaches for users. I'm not sure if issues like this still exist... (I download Qt from http://qt-project.org/downloads because the Software Centre has an older version)

    Maybe "Qt 5 Multimedia module" is only for running multimedia apps, not compiling them. Try installing "qtmultimedia5-dev" (and make sure you restart Qt Creator if you use it)

  • Thank you sir !
    It worked . i'm not used to linux ... but i just got a new laptop and it was freedos and the only win version that it accepts is win8 ... so i decided on ubuntu :D so it's a little tricky for me at the moment

    Thank you again !

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    You're welcome; I'm glad it's working now :)

    Happy coding!

  • meet same problem here.
    I use qt for embedded linux.
    I posted my problem here:
    Do you have any idea with this?
    Thanks a lot.

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