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Font Loading Issues on OSX Qt5.1 Beta Qt Quick 2.0

  • FontLoader

    text: "MANTEKA" // metastream_flat_style.flat_style.flat_font_family
    font.pointSize: 45


    The operation couldn’t be completed. ( error -1 - Could not register the font file 'file://localhost/Users/rock/CodeWorkSpaces/QtCreatorWorkspace/TimeFrameAlpha/qml/TimeFrameAlpha/manteka.ttf')" UserInfo=0x7fed5847f510 {NSDescription=Could not register the font file 'file://localhost/Users/rock/CodeWorkSpaces/QtCreatorWorkspace/TimeFrameAlpha/qml/TimeFrameAlpha/manteka.ttf', CTFailedFontFileURL=file://localhost/Users/rock/CodeWorkSpaces/QtCreatorWorkspace/TimeFrameAlpha/qml/TimeFrameAlpha/manteka.ttf}

    I am using osx lion

  • Okay so I have tried this with android the font does not load either.
    I have checked it with the file utility it is a true type font.

    FontLoader { id:flat_manteka_font name:“flat_manteka_font_src” source:“manteka.ttf” }

    text: “MANTEKA” flat_manteka_font_src

    UserInfo=0x7f8823a849f0 {NSDescription=Could not register the font file 'file://localhost/Users/michaelchung/CodeWorkSpaces/QtCreatorWorkspace/TimeFrameAlpha/qml/TimeFrameAlpha/manteka.ttf', CTFailedFontFileURL=file://localhost/Users/michaelchung/CodeWorkSpaces/QtCreatorWorkspace/TimeFrameAlpha/qml/TimeFrameAlpha/manteka.ttf}

  • Moderators

    Have you considered to "file a bug report": ? Bugreports do get developer attention, forum posts in general do not.

  • I am going to do that now, my assumption is that developers would be looking at these threads. Thanks for the direction and clarification.

  • Moderators

    rocketchicken: No, most developers do not follow the forums actively. Many check in sometimes, but basically you will need to be very lucky to get the attention of a developer that actually knows the code.

    Plus forums are really bad for managing bug reports: They get pushed down in time and at some point they are simply lost since nobody scrolls down past the first couple of pages anyway.

  • Hey Thanks we can close this one as solved, I filed a bug report.
    Your right forums are bad places to post bugs.
    I will likely post if asking if someone gets similar behaviour and then file a bug report.

    Anyways heres the report if your interested I will likely post more bugs as I go along

    thanks again!

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