What is Z-order ?

  • I'm trying to understand how to read Qt documentation.
    I'm reading the QWidget section and i don't understand the part when they say : Z-order ...?
    Here is the extract :

    Every widget is rectangular, and they are sorted in a Z-order. A widget is clipped by its parent and by the widgets in front of it.

    Thks in advance, any help would be appreciated!

  • Widgets can be placed on top of each other.
    See Wikipedia for a definition of "z-order":http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Z-order

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    Basically it comes from a 3 dimensional axis naming convention. left/right position is the X coordinate, top/bottom is the Y coordinate and depth (closer/farther) is Z coordinate.

  • As the others said, the Z coordinates represent the position of an object in terms of depth. When two windows are on top of each other, the window with a higher Z value will be placed on top of the other one, thus masking a part of it (or maybe entirely).

  • Great explanations, understand well now, thks all :) .(it reminds me now the z-index in html which is also about how the elements are arranged in terms of depth).

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