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Dynamic multilangual re-evaluation of qml Text in C++ using qsTr() function in qml

  • Hi everyone,

    I would like to know if there is any possibility to use qsTr() or it's functionality in C++ to re-evaluate a qml Text element via C++ instead of the approach suggested in this article when changing the language of the application.

    The qml text element which gets translated with the according .qm file to different languages.
    Text {
    text: qsTr("Hello World")
    onTextChanged: console.debug(text)

    Somewhere after loading the new language file, I get the according text element and try to translate the new text manually via c++ but in general the textTranslated is never translated correctly! It is always the origin text - because no translation was found.

    // ... loading the new translation file

    if(m_translator->load(languageFile, filePath)) {
    // ...
    QObject *child =; // the text element object
    QString textContent = child->property("text").toString();
    QString textTranslated = child->tr(qPrintable(textContent)); // returns textContent
    //QString textTranslated = child->parent()->tr(qPrintable(textContent)); // returns textContent
    //QString textTranslated = m_translator->translate(child->metaObject()->className(),qPrintable(textContent));  // returns ""
    //QString textTranslated = QApplication::translate(child->metaObject()->className(),textContent.toStdString().c_str()); // returns textContent
    qDebug() << "[Translator] text" << qPrintable(textContent) << " of element " << child << textTranslated;


    The translate functions need a context - which is char* - as first parameter, but I don't really know which content this might be, because I assume the qml object content would be something different.

    I didn't found any implementation of qsTr() neither in the source code nor in the web. It this a real function or only a makro for the Linguist. How does the translation process work anyway?


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