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Manual changes in .pro-file cause qmake to throw a "Parse Error"...

  • The title says it:

    If I edited any .pro-file the next time calling qmake ends with an error saying "Parse error".
    Qt-Creator then shows the first line in the file as the source of that error, because there is no line information in this error message.

    It makes no difference what I edited: even adding a white space and removing it causes this behavior. The only way to get qmake working again is to to reject all changes i.e. by recalling svn's repository copy.
    Also it makes no difference what Qt version on which platform I use: it shows up on 4.8.4 for MinGW and also on 4.8.1 for Linux x64.

    I'm a little confused about that, so does anyone know a solution or a workaround?

    Thank you all in advance

  • What are you using to change the .pro file, qt creator?
    Are you using a special character set?
    What do you mean with white space?
    White space means a space as introduced by the space bar of your key board, but also some other stuff.

  • I use the VERSION tag to name my .so's with a version link. This sometimes must be changed.
    I use QtCreator to edit it and the encoding is UTF8.

    You're right, I ment the white spaces produced by the space bar.

  • In general I would assume that qt creator does the right thing.
    I had issues with the encoding in the past on windows, but I could not edit the source files and had to choose explicitly the encoding for some source files. After being annoyed too many times I have decided to choose the system encoding for all source files.

    May be that this is the problem. However, this is using a stick and trying to hit something in the fog.

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