Images disappearing when using translucent OpenGL background

  • Hi there,

    I'm working on a little project where I want to display some sort of slideshow on a translucent background. First it was a pain to find out how to get the background of the window translucent, but when I finally did, the images were disappearing as soon as they where opaque. I'm new to the whole Qt/QML thingy and am kinda stuck in solving this.

    When I set the opacity of the image to 1, it seems the image is put behind the other objects. When I change the opacity to let's say 0.999999 it appears correctly in the place where I expect it to be.

    I set the format using this code

    QSurfaceFormat format;


    Does anyone else recognize this problem, and possibly have a solution? :-)

    Thanks, Rogier

  • Hi,

    I can't remember the bug number now, but ISTR Gunnar mentioning something about this in a bug report. Ask him on #qt-graphics and I'm sure he'll be able to point you to the bug.


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