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Qt 5.1 error : glBindFramebuffer

  • Hi
    If i open a working qml / c++ Qt 5.0.2 project in Qt 5.1 beta then all i get is a window with a white background...

    In the console i noticed :

    getProcAddress: Unable to resolve 'glBindFramebuffer'
    getProcAddress: Unable to resolve 'glBindFramebufferOES'
    getProcAddress: Unable to resolve 'glBindFramebufferARB'

    So i think this is the reason for my white background.

    Is this a Qt problem or is there something wrong with my video drivers ( i use a Matrox card on a HP workstation)

    Regards Johan

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    Looks like your driver doesn't support OpenGL 2.0. Check if you're using the latest one.

  • Thanks
    I will contact matrox support to see if they can resolve my problem....

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    It depends on the actual model of your card. From what I can see most of their offering supports something like OpenGL 1.3 so you might be out of luck I'm afraid.

  • I remember Matrox back in the days it was bragging about their "professional quality hardware and software" in attempts to push their overpriced and pathetically performing products. Indeed, only the modern, "cutting edge" Matrox products support OpenGL 2.0 (and no more LOL) - the rest of their stuff is hopelessly stuck in the fixed function pipeline of OpenGL.

  • Hi

    I got reply from the matrox guys :

    'Unfortunately OpenGL 2.0 is the maximum that the M9125 hardware can support.'

    So this was last matrox buy ! My other 8 Core AMD machine has an nvidia card , no problems with that one running Qt 5.1 beta

    From it seems qt 5.1 is targeting OpenGL 4.3 API's

    So my next video card will NOT be matrox.

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    [quote author="josa" date="1369167272"]
    From it seems qt 5.1 is targeting OpenGL 4.3 API's

    Qt 5.x requires only small OpenGL 2.0/OpenGL ES subset but Qt5.1 introduces wrapped access to the higher API versions if you choose to target them.

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