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QtWebKit and perspective for future development

  • Hello guys!
    I hope to get some answers/advice/help from Qt community)
    Our company is about to start big project and we think to use Qt like our core technology.
    This project is somthing like browser that give our clients some specific tools to do job.
    So we looked at QtWebKit module and test him, and looks like it give to us all that we need.
    But we have some questions to solve, before we enter main development phase...
    Our questions is pretty trivial, we like and others companys wants to have some guarantees, that technologies that we used not dropped and have some plans for future development.

    So first main question:
    Is Qt have some plans to maintain and develop tools like QtWebKit that gives abilities to create custom browser?

    And here is second question:
    In nearest time Google fork WebKit and starts develop own engine called Blink, so WebKit lost one of main maintainers.
    So is QtWebKit or part of Qt that give tools to create custom browser has some guarantees to be on the wave of web browser technologies, and ready to switch on better technologies?

    Some project info: currently we want to use Widgets + QtWebKit to develop app that can run on Windows and Linux.

    Sorry for my bad english, its not my native language. I hope u understand me)))

  • Hello again. So nobody knows about plans of Digia and Qt Community for module like QtWebKit?
    Sorry if I asked question in incorrect form and I think this post is better move to QtWebKit subforum.

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    Probably people have just missed it. If you want concrete answers, ask on "development": mailing list, what I write below is just how I see the situation, nothing "official" as far as Qt Project is concerned.

    yes, QtWebKit is being actively developed. It will probably continue living for as long as Qt5 exists (judging from history, that's about 5-6 years). Who knows what happens by then? If it will still be relevant and needed, and enough devs will be interesting in maintaining it, it will continue to thrive

    the module's name is Qt WebKit for a reason, you know... I vaguely recall some talk about Blink, but it's not going to change anytime soon, that is for sure

    hey, your English is OK, don't worry :)

  • We already searched for alternatives what gives to us features that we need. More nearest alternative is "CEF": but we didnt find how to integrate him with Qt.
    I think Digia needs more fixed plans for modules of Qt if they want to attract commercial devs.

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