Eclypse and Qt5 on linux

  • Hi,

    Is there an eclypse plugin for Qt5 like it was for Qt4?
    Or can I use the qt4 plugin for Qt5?

    In case there is non. Do i need the plugin for debuging and compiling qt projects in eclypse or can i do that maually somehow?


  • no one? any help?

  • I am not aware of anybody currently working on an eclipse plugin. In fact I can not even find the Qt 4 plugin anymore:-/ I have never tried to use the Qt plugin to eclipse (never found it to be a compelling environment for C++ development), but I doubt it will work well with Qt5. We had to adjust a couple of things in Qt Creator at least, so I assume the same would need to be done for the eclipse plugin.

    Please consider to give Qt Creator a try instead. I know that it is hard to switch IDEs, but Creator is a really nice one:-)

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