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[SOLVED]qDoc or Doxygen

  • Hi,

    I'm using Doxygen since years ago. Recently (damn!) I noticed that there is a tool called qDoc which allows me to create the documentation to my projects.

    Do qDoc considered as full replacement to Doxygen (I'm using C++/Qt ignore the other langauges)?

    I never write Doxygen configuration file manually I usually use doxugen-gui wizard for that, Can I use qDoc without writing configuration file manually?

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    It's the other way around. qdoc was first, doxygen second :) qdoc is considered an internal Qt tool, it is not meant to be used outside and is not bound by any source code compatibility promises like the rest of the code. You can use it, sure, but if something breaks in a future version, you can't blame anyone :P More seriously, now that Qt is under open governance and the source code is modular, qdoc can be considered to be more stable than before

    AFAIK, the answer here is no, you need to write it by hand

  • [quote author="sierdzio" date="1368810658"]AFAIK, the answer here is no, you need to write it by hand[/quote]

    Oops.. I'm very lazy it seems I've to stick to Doxygen :\ Using Wizards for this kind of tools mainly is very effective.

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    It's a solid piece of software, I use it, too, for most of my projects.

    There is a QML extension to doxygen - "doxyqml":http://agateau.com/projects/doxyqml/, if you are interested. Coded by kind folks at KDE.

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