Window Freeze

  • What would be the best way to prevent a window freeze the other windows?

    I tried to move my QMainWindow to a thread (QMainWindow::moveToThread), but this is not possible for the widgets can not be moved.

    I'd like to open a new window in a separate process.

    The reason is that if this new page has a script to freeze the window he ends up freezing all other windows.

    @class myWebPage : public QWebPage {
    QWebPage * createWindow(QWebPage::WebWindowType type) {
    QMainWindow *wx = new mBROWSERQT(NULL,true);
    QWebView wv = wx->findChild<QWebView>("mybrowsertest");

        return wv->page();



    ui->mybrowsertest->setPage(new myWebPage());@

  • Hi,

    you can run the freezing script in other thread.

  • [quote author="mcosta" date="1368775468"]Hi, you can run the freezing script in other thread.[/quote]

    Yes, but how do I do this with QWebPage::createWindow?

    I have to move QWebPage/QWebFrame to another thread (Well as you can see I need to return the QwebPage for the createWindow)?

    bq. Note: What can freeze the windows is the javascript on any website

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