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Some questions for QTScript and MathJax

  • Hello all,

       I am new to QT platform. I would like to develop a non-web based Math Rendering with MathJax. It it seems someone has paved the way. "See here": Kent Hansen has already made the env.js working properly with QT script. However, due to my poor experience with QT platform, I couldn't get the lib or plugin working.

    From Kent Hansen's description:
    Fully embed Envjs in the application: Pass the contents of env.js to QScriptEngine::evaluate(), and then call initializeEnvjsNatives(). You'll need to add src/shared/envjsnatives.cpp to your application sources. --->>> before even putting the env.js in my console, how should I link env.js in .pro file?

    Also, where should I leave my MathJax.js?

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