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[SOLVED}mainwindow.ui not refreshing

  • Hi

    I am in a fix. I have been working on Qt for some time and it has never been a problem updating the widgets in the mainwindow.ui . But since today, I am not able to see the changes in my Main Window when i make the changes in the mainwindow.ui. I see the corresponding changes in my ui_mainwindow.h. but not in the GUI. Please help.

  • Try to clean, run-qmake and build your project.

  • Hi Sam..Already tired that many times. Not Helping

  • Alright..Solved..My ui_Mainwindow.h in the project folder was not getting updated but the one in the debug folder did. So a little copy paste and replace worked.

  • Then try delete manually all ( ui_*.h ), ( .o ) and ( moc_ ) files.
    i am late with answer, never mind :)

  • After like almost 2 weeks now..i found out the real problem. In the project menu, I had checked shadow build. Once I unchecked it, It was all fine.

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