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Qt 5.0.2 2010 64-bit binaries

  • Hello

    I'm sure I'm being silly, but I'm trying to find the Windows 64-bit 2010 pre-built binaries for Qt 5.0.2, but only seem to be able to find either the 32-bit or 2012 ones...

    Thanks in advance!

  • I think the only "official" pre-compiled 64-Bit binaries of Qt for Windows were made VS2012.

    So if you need 64-Bit binaries made with VS2010, you'll probably have to make them yourself.

    (It's still possible that somebody else has made such binaries and is willing to share)


    BTW: Why do you need VS2010 binaries? VS2012 can again target Windows XP now, so just update ;-)

  • Well I would change to 2012, but I'd need work to do the same, and that ain't going to happen!

    Would it be possible to request this be built? Does anyone really use the 32-bit versions for VS2010?

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    I'm still stuck with VS2008 at work so I know the pain. Not even lambdas, sigh... but we've compiled several 64bit 4.x versions in the past without problems.
    You can try to lobby your config on the irc or file a bug report (though it's not really a bug) and hope it will get enough up-votes, or, if you're a paying customer, you can request support for that, but the easiest really is to try and build it yourself.

    Although it can get a little bumpy if you've never done it, it's not as hard as it may seem.

    MuldeR - XP support in VS2012 is done via crude workaround with modified platform toolkit. Is such config even compatible with the pre-built binaries of Qt? Have you tried that or know if anyone did?

  • There is unofficial pre compiled binaries for VS2010 QT5.0.2

    Here is webpage of Tver-soft, also there you can find binaries for x64 MinGW4.8


    Inside you have instruction how to install, after patch binaries by qtbinpatcher, you must add this Kit in your QtCreator.

    Good luck ;-)

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