QDataWidgetMapper and custom widget - read value

  • I've made a my widget which has a Q_PROPERTY like this:
    Q_PROPERTY(QDate date READ date WRITE setDate NOTIFY dateChanged USER true )

    I created a QDataWidgetMapper and addMapping. The date from my widget is not readed by mapper. Even there is not invoked a date() method. What could be wrong? My class inherits from QFrame and has a Q_OBJECT macro.

  • Hi,

    Q_PROPERTY declares date() as function to read property value; you must define it.
    This means you need to declare and implement this function:

    class YourClass: public QFrame


    QDate date () const;


  • I have methods.

    I use QSqlTableModel.
    My widget has QCheckBox and QDateEdit. I use delegate to format date for SQLite.

    I made tests and I added my delegate. I have two situations:

    1. Without mapper->setSubmitPolicy (default is QDataWidgetMapper::AutoSubmit).
      setModelData from delegate is invoked for Qt widgets(QDateEdit too) but not when I set value in my widget.

    2. With mapper->setSubmitPolicy( QDataWidgetMapper::ManualSubmit ).
      submit() is called whed dialog is accepted. In this case setModelData operates on Qt widgets and take value from my widget too.

    Is this a bug or maybe I'm doing something wrong?

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