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[Solved] Running Qt 5.1 Alpha

  • Hi.
    I'm sorry for this basic question, I'm just starting with Qt.

    I already did some tutorials using Qt 5.0.2 but because i need Qserialport and i could not install it i decided to try 5.1 because it already has Qserialport.

    Following the info on the website, i managed to build the source code without errors, but now i can't find an executable file to run Qt.
    I'm using Ubuntu and I'm also new to linux.

    So, where can i find the executable for the Qt 5.1 which i builted?


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    Qt is a set of libraries and tools, there is no single executable that runs it. I guess you are referring to Qt Creator, which is a separate product that is bundled together with Qt 5.0.2 SDK. You can get Qt Creator from "downloads":https://qt-project.org/downloads#qt-creator page as a precompiled binary or source code for compilation. Once you have it installed, you need only to add your Qt version to Qt Creator's list (go to Tools->Options->Build & Run->Qt Versions->Add, and then browse to <your Qt path>/qtbase/bin/qmake. Apply your changes, then got to Kits and add this Qt version to one of your Kits).

  • Thanks for your input.
    I already made it work, following your instuctions.


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    Great to hear that :) Please mark the thread as solved by editing the initial post and adding "[Solved]" to the title.

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