Lupdate keep marking as "unfinished"

  • Hi,

    I've generated 2 TS files from my application. I've sent the documents to the translator who did his translation job, and marked everything as "Finished".

    At this "URL":, it is written at step 3 that you must run lupdate to add new text to the file.

    Maybe i've misunderstood Qt Linguist, but i thought that the next .TS file i would generate would keep the items in their actual state: If a text was marked as FINISHED, i'm expecting to see a checkmark beside it in Qt Linguist so the translator won't have to check every text in the file, only those "Unfinished".

    Someone can tell me what i'm doing wrong? Or tell me that it's like this "By Design"?

    Note: I'm not using ".pro" file. I usually call lupdate like this:
    lupdate.exe -recursive d:\MyProject. -ts Translation_EN.ts Translation_FR.ts

    Thank you!

  • No need to answer.

    For some reasons, this problem doesn't occur anymore...

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