[SOLVED] Find out which items are selected in QTreeView when using ExtendedSelection?

  • I have a QTreeView where I can select multiple rows by holding down "Ctrl".

    To do this, I have used:

    To find out which item is clicked I used to look at the signal
    @clicked( const QModelIndex &)@

    However, now that I can have multiple items selected, how can I find out which items are selected, and ignore the ones that are not?

  • Something like this should work:

    QModelIndexList index_list = abstract_view->selectedIndexes();

    QModelIndexList is simply QList<QModelIndex> so you can use standard iterators to run the list of items.

  • You should also have a look at QAbstractItemView::selectionModel() and the QItemSelectionModel class returned by this method.
    It gives you more detailed information and possibilities to modifiy the selection...

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