[Partially Solved]Qt Creator Debugging QML Modules

  • Hello all,

    I'm putting some shared code in a QML module. This works just fine except that I cannot debug any of the .qml or .js files in the module when debugging projects that use the shared code. As soon as I step into a function that runs from the module I can see the function calls on the stack, but the debugger acts like there is no code there.

    On a related note, when I put my QML files into a .qrc file, I get errors in Qt Creator that the files cannot be found and code completion is broken.

    Any idea if Qt Creator should support this or maybe if it's on the roadmap for a future release?


  • I was able to enable debugging by including the source files for the module in my .pro file along side the .qrc file.

    Error checking and code completion is still broken however. Any ideas on how to get code completion and error checking to work on QML files contained in a .qrc?

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    Best only way to get a developer that actually knows the code to look at the issue is to "file a bug report":https://bugreports.qt-project.org/ ...

    Bonus points for checking the bug tracker for similar issues first;)

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