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  • Hello,
    I am using Qt inside of Netbean. I just newly installed it. I looked at a few of Netbeans tutorials for Qt, and it just puzzled me more. I know how to make appearance stuff. So I can design the form I just don't understand how to make the form do what I want.

    So what I am making is a program that I enter a message into. Then I want it to when I click the button reference a LibreOffice Spreadsheet(oh yeah I'm on Ubuntu if that is important). I want it to look at the spreadsheet and A1 will be the letter I typed in, but A2 will be a different letter. So pretty much it translates an english message into gibberish.

    To go into further detail:

    Lets say

    | A | V|
    | P | Q|
    | L | 1 |
    | E | 7 |

    So for my example. In my first box I would put Apple
    Then I would hit translate button.
    It would look at this spreadsheet say ok A = V P = Q L = 1 E = 7
    so Apple = VQQ17
    Pretty simple cipher. But no one will spend enough time trying to break it.
    But right now I'm just focusing on how to make the button reference the spreadsheet and change the letters.

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