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[Solved] Window attributes and geometry for QMdiSubWindow

  • It' s a little difficult to understand the exact interaction between the QMdiSubWindow and it's embedded child window.
    The general rule for an MDI UI is to first create a "regular" window (QWidget) and then add it to the MDI area using QMdiArea::addSubWindow and obtain a QMdiSubWindow. But now I have two handles to the window.
    What's still very unclear is what window now should/must to be used when changing some of the window attributes like visibility, enabled or the size and position.
    Especially setting an absolute position or a fixed size does not really seem to work as expected.

  • Have a look at "this": example, there is an MDI app created.

    The Child of the QMdiArea is the QMdiSubWindow which itself contains your widget. So for geometry handling, hiding etc, you should use the MdiSubWindow

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