QSqlTableModel adding "virtual" column and row with proxy model

  • Hello,

    I want to add "virtual" column del to every row which contains delete button for row and i also want to add "virtual" row add which contains add new row button.

    |------|col1|col2|coln| del |

    |row 1 |data|data|data| x |
    |row 2 |data|data|data| x |
    |row n |data|data|data| x |
    | add | x | | | |

    I have read from that i should do extra row and column with proxy model. But i am quite new with these proxy models. Is there any ready example or could someone write me an example?

    I know that i could subclass QSqlTableModel and do this in there but i want to do it with proxy :).

    • Marko -

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