Why I can't see the code from The Qt Assistant or qt-project.org/doc

  • Hello, everyone.
    I meet a problem while I using Qt assistant, I can't see the code in some Qt5's example (ie:QML Advanced Tutorial 1), then I google this problem, it's said that setting the Qt5 kits to default will be help, but it's no work on my issus.

    So, I decide to view this assistant on this website,It's wired that I still couldn't see any code on it .http://qt-project.org/doc/qt-5.0/qtquick/qtquick2-qml-advtutorial1.html 
    Is my IE too old to view this website?

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    No, it's just that the documentation seems to be broken.

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    Hi chenjie4255,

    Your browser is ok, but the documentation is broken. It is being fixed now, and you should be able to see the code when Qt 5.1 comes out.

    For now, you can find the code for that example in <Qt>\examples\quick\tutorials\samegame

    <Qt> depends on the package you downloaded. For example, the VS 2012 package could be

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