LNK2019 in Debug but not in Release

  • I installed the latest Qt SDK (Qt 5.0.2). I'm using Qt Creator 2.7 which uses msvc2012 64-bit.

    I created a project without UI-File. in MainWindow I only added my self-defined class derived by QWidget.

    I used a class (Painting) from a book which teaches Qt. I wanted to try out the paintEvent(QPaintEvent *event) function. When I run it in debug-mode, I get LNK2019 caused by Painting constructor in function MainWindow::MainWindow. I tried to run it in release-mode and the program executed normally without any errors.

    Can someone explain why a linker error occures in debug but not in release mode?

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    LNK2019 means the linker can't find a library.

    You'll need to provide more details about the error. Which library is it trying to find?

  • bq. mainwindow.obj : error LNK2019: Verweis auf nicht aufgelöstes externes Symbol ""public: __cdecl FormationWidget::FormationWidget(class QWidget *)" (??0FormationWidget@@QEAA@PEAVQWidget@@@Z)" in Funktion ""public: __cdecl MainWindow::MainWindow(class QWidget *)" (??0MainWindow@@QEAA@PEAVQWidget@@@Z)".

    it's german:
    "Verweis auf nicht aufgelöstes externes Symbol "
    "unresolved external symbol"

    "in Funktion"
    "in function"

    For more information here is my simple code:

    @FormationWidget::FormationWidget(QWidget *parent): QWidget(parent), x(0), y(0), lm(0)

    x, y and lm are of type "int"

    @MainWindow::MainWindow(QWidget *parent): QMainWindow(parent)
    fw = new FormationWidget(this);

    fw is of type "FormationWidget"

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    try to clean and rebuild your project.

  • I tried it many times, but still...

    I checked the whole folder where Qt 5.0.2 was installed, and there are debug files in both bin and lib (Qt5Guid.dll, Qt5Guid.lib).

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    Hmm... very strange. Can you post your .pro file?

    Also, open Qt Creator and go to Tools -> Options -> Build & Run -> Kits. What kits do you have? Do the settings look correct? Is there a yellow/red warning icon?

    Then, open your project, and click on "Projects" on the left (below "Debug", above "Help). Does the selected kit match your compiler?

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