QtSDK 5.0.2 & Harmattan?

  • So after quite a while I thought I'd a) develop something for my N9 b) update my Qt. After doing so I'm noticing Harmattan support has apparently been dropped from the SDK? Is there a nifty way of getting it there next to BlackBerry10 + etc or do I need to grab an older SDK version?

    Running Ubuntu 12.04 64 bit && 64-bit version of the SDK 5.0.2.

    • Matti

  • Device support is still available but disabled by default. Go into "Help->About Plugins" and enable the Madde device support. You will still need the Harmattan SDK to build, the easiest way is to keep a copy of the old Nokia Qt SDK installed. You will probably need to setup new Kits in Qt Creator for building for Harmattan with the toolchains and sysroots from the Nokia Qt SDK.

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