Q_FLAGS in namespace causes QtCreator to mark line as error

  • Hi there,
    just stumbled on something strange in my code. I have a namespace, in the namespace I define an enum for a QFlags type, so there's something like this:
    namespace Test
    enum MyEnum {meOne=0x01, meTwo=0x02};
    Q_FLAGS(MyEnum MyEnums)
    Q_DECLARE_FLAGS(MyEnums, MyEnum)

    And this compiles just fine. However, in QtCreator, the line with Q_FLAGS is underlined red and the tool tip says "expected a declaration". What's up with that? Why does it compile fine but QtCreator thinks it won't? After all, the Q_FLAGS macro expands to nothing and is only used by moc.
    Q_FLAGS inside classes work fine, it seems the namespace is a necessary condition for this phenomenon. Maybe because moc can't access namespace ("classless") flags/enums and QtCreator knows about that? Why not say it in the tool tip then?

  • Q_FLAGS only makes sense within a QObject subclass.
    See the docs for Q_FLAGS and the example there.

  • Place #include <QObject> in the top of the file. That might do the trick.
    Remember that a compiler will use totally different settings then what QtCreator might show. QtCreator is just a handy tool that shows what "might" be wrong or what is wrong from the output of the compiler. Also a new qmake run might do the trick.

  • including<QObject> didn't work, neither the qmake run.

    I suppose it really is that Q_FLAGS only makes sense in QObject-derived classes. I did know that, however, I didn't expect QtCreator to mark something as wrong if the compiler doesn't mind, and secondly then output an inappropriate tooltip.

    Thanks for your suggestions!

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